Tim Sullivan

Research Group

This page lists the current and former members of my research group, along with corresponding funding information and links to corresponding news items.

Current Group Members

  1. Daniel Greening
  2. Iain Best
  3. Tadashi Matsumoto
  4. Dr. Birzhan Ayanbayev

Former Group Members

  1. Dr. Ilja Klebanov
  2. Dr. Esfandiar Nava-Yazdani
  3. Luc Bonnet
  4. Valentin Kirchner
    • Student assistant, 06.2019–08.2019
  5. Dr. Han Cheng Lie
  6. Laura Sant'Anna Gualda Pereira
    • Visiting student, 04.2018–07.2018
    • Destination: Industry
  7. Dr. Ingmar Schuster